If you've never been to Blackfern County, it is a place humming with magic and the sentient force of a shadowy wilderness. And while growing up is always fraught with challenges and dangers, surviving it (or not) in this strange environment tests the mettle of the young women in these stories in ways far beyond the norm.

The four haunting tales in Blackfern Girls reveal the dangers of coming of age in a place where reality shivers and changes like a theatre scrim. Author Liz Zimmers (formerly Elizabeth Yon) has created a setting so vibrant and lushly painted that readers can step right in and wander. Strong characters, story lines as twisting and darkly delicious as fairy tales, and rich dialogue complete the transport.


Come and visit Blackfern County ... and take some of its sinister beauty away with you. 

... an atmospheric feast. Blackfern Girls stands as a testament to Zimmers’ ability to create a world which surrounds you in total macabre believability. The delectable stories in Blackfern Girls range from the slightly creepy to the totally unnerving. What they have in common is ... an expert’s characterization and world building.

Amazon Reader Review of Blackfern Girls


Creepy, disturbing, touching. This is a beautifully written collection of short stories ...

Amazon Reader Review of Blackfern Girls