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I'm an author of dark fiction. What that means is that I like a good chill ... I like that ice-in-the-veins feeling of having opened a door on something that, perhaps, I wasn't meant to see. Some of the things I write are straight-up horror, but most of my stories are a favorite recipe blend of weird settings and memorable characters. The things real people do are almost always stranger and more terrifying than any monster shenanigans - but I like a solid monster now and then.

I love dialogue. I work hard at it, listening for the right tone and tempo for each character. And I can usually feel when it's right. I love colloquialisms and the regional flavors of conversation. I'm an unabashed eavesdropper, too. I recommend it for any writer working on the craft of dialogue.  

I live in State College, Pennsylvania. I've moved around a lot, but I like it here - a good town for a writer. I like the woods and mountains, and I like hanging out in coffeehouses. I live with two sweet cats, both senior citizens now.


You'll notice on this site that one of my books is published under the name Elizabeth Yon, and yes, that's mine, too. It was published under my former marital name. All subsequent works will be Liz Zimmers creations.

There is more of my short fiction on my blog The Palace of Night at elizabethzimmers.wordpress.com. And you will soon be able to listen to a selection of my stories via my author podcasts. I'll post them here on the podcast page (currently under construction) and on my Wordpress blog.

I'm glad you stopped by ... I hope you'll let me tell you a story or three.

NEW! You can read some of my short stories for FREE on https://vocal.media/  Just select the Horror tab on Vocal's site and find me under Fiction.