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Liz Zimmers' house with old cemetery
Liz Zimmers' cat, Schatzi


I'm an author of dark fantasy. That means that I LOVE world-building and bending the rules of reality. I also love a good chill ... that ice-in-the-veins feeling of having opened a door on something that, perhaps, I wasn't meant to see. Some of the things I write are straight-up horror, but most of my stories are a favorite blend of weird settings and memorable characters. The things real people do are almost always stranger and more terrifying than any monster shenanigans - but I like a solid monster now and then.

I love dialogue - colloquialisms and the delicious regional flavors of conversation. I like to create settings that are living, breathing characters in their own right. Eerie places for readers to visit that stay with them like memories.

I live in Warriors Mark, Pennsylvania, a tiny town not far from Penn State University. The mountains and forest are at my doorstep, and my back lawn blends seamlessly with an old cemetery that predates my old house. I share space with a slightly chubby mackerel tabby named Schatzi.


You'll notice on this site that one of my books is published under the name Elizabeth Yon, and yes, that's mine, too (my former marital name). All subsequent works will be Liz Zimmers creations.

I'm glad you stopped by ... I hope you'll let me tell you a story or three.

You can read some of my short stories for FREE on  Just select the Horror tab on Vocal's site and find me under Fiction.



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