Welcome to my dark gallery of stories. There is nothing I enjoy more than taking visitors on a tour of the shadowy places in my imagination. I like to tell readers that what I write is "dark fiction", because even though I can find a place beneath the umbrella of the horror genre (and certainly, some of what goes on in my domain IS horrifying), my work is often a bit more subtle. Insidiously disturbing, if you will. I like to leave readers with their blood chilled a few degrees and with a desire to leave the lights on just a little longer than usual. I want, also, to give you characters who stay with you, whispering. Characters who climb out of the pages and into the dim nooks of your own imaginations. They like to travel ...

Blackfern Girls


Published by Bannerwing Books

There are four stories in this book, and they all take place - you guessed it - in Blackfern County. It's a place that teeters on the cusp of the real and the unreal. I drew heavily from the woods, farms, and small towns I've known growing up. The characters are composites of the actual and the imagined. Most of all, I drew from tricksy memory - that tabula rasa that becomes, in all of us, warped by time and troubles. I went back to my own girlhood and resurrected monsters. In Blackfern Girls, there are mythic beasts, malicious spirits, cruel and selfish people, and that bitterest of all demons - heartache. There is also hard-won strength.

Wilderness: A Collection of Dark Tales


Twenty stories, some quite brief. When I wrote them, sitting at my kitchen table, I was having tremendous fun playing with fairy tales. Many of these stories bear that mark of twisted magic. These tales are sly and sassy, hopping like a nightful of toads and flickering like fireflies in the summer twilight. Wilderness is a romp, playful - but with teeth. Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle as you set off into the forest of these stories. It's all fun and games until someone is snatched into the dark ...