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Putting Out the Welcome Mat

It's spring of a new year of writing. New worlds of dark fantasy to build, new characters to meet, new adventures to set upon the page. While our real world is in an upheaval of war, pandemic, and struggle, my tiny writer's world has sailed into a calm inlet. There is an old house there on the shore, empty and waiting. Let's go in, set up shop, and have some conversations about the magic of story-making.

I'm stepping back into the workroom this year. It's been a while since there has been a new book. I feel the magic flowing again, the desire to tell stories. Characters are crowding, all of them trying to talk over one another, to get their stories out. Fantastical worlds (and secret pockets of weirdness that open unexpectedly in this world) loom and shimmer. I want to record what I see and hear. I want to make all of you see and hear it. Experience it. Maybe this will be the year for a new book...for certain, there will be stories.

Here, in this space, I'll try to share with you the process. It could be raw and ugly...I won't try to fool you about the pain and uncertainty. But, it could be joyous and hilarious, too. I'll try to find some writerly nuggets of wisdom for you, although it's most likely to be a toboggan run through mayhem. I hope you'll join me for the ride.

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